Anq Uyep

Anq-Uyep is the plane where the Divinity block takes place. The plane’s desert stretches in all directions, with life springing up near the few rivers that cross its surface.


  • Human (WUBRG) – Most frequent source of Faith cards.
  • Sphinxes (U) – Fly. Umm… that’s about it atm <.<;
  • Jackals (B) – Survive off others. Devour and other sac effects.
  • Salamanders (R) – Breathe fire. See sphinxes <.<;
  • Succulents/Palmin, Treefolk (G) – Succulents generate blue mana in Divinity, and have Wither in Fall of Divinity. Palms are large and require blue mana as upkeep cost.
  • Djinn (UR) – Various magical effects.


  • Kaerynak Empire – Mostly Humans, some Salamanders/Sphinxes, a handful of Jackals/Treefolk. Followers of Hopan Khal.
  • Rebels – Mostly Jackals, a fair number of Succulents and a few Palmin. Lead by Hyeros Khal.

Anq Uyep

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